There are a range of things that people may experience, from nothing at all, to a massive and all-encompassing life change.

The effects of the healing, and what you experience, rely on you. If you do not believe that anything will actually change for you,

then nothing will happen, until you do.

When you believe that your life can change, and you are willing to believe in yourself, and your body’s ability to heal, the healing will begin to occur!

What is fantastic, is that, if in the past, someone has worked with you, & the Angels to help you heal, and you did not accept it then- as soon as you do accept it, guess what? YOU BEGIN TO HEAL!

It does not matter when the healing was sent your way; it only begins to work for you, when YOU ACCEPT IT!

Healing energy can be sent to a million people, but they must accept it-it is only then, that it works!

Here are some of the symptoms of healing energy that is working on you:

  • A sense of relief-many people may not even realize that they are feeling relief, only that something is different inside of them.
  • A feeling of tiredness-You have held onto so much stress in the body, you have been tensing up for years, without realizing it-thus when you finally relax, and your body is tired!
  • A feeling of emotion-you will be releasing long held emotions and ways of thinking, so you may find that when healing is occurring, that you can easily cry-even when it is not so much a sad event, but a beautiful one.
  • A need for extra sleep as your body becomes used to the new energy.
  • Some tension in the stomach- perhaps you have some cramping, or flu like symptoms as part of the healing. 
  • You may even vomit or have diaahrea in the worst cases, but only lasts a very short time-once this clears, you feel different.
  • A complete feeling of wellness all over.
  • An end to any ailments that you have been trying to get rid of with medications- healing energy has been known to cure any disease in the body, *including cancer*. There are a lot of other things that need to be cleared from a person, before this can occur however. (I will explain more about this further below)
  • Your symptoms or body aches and pains, can get worse, before they get better-but this is only temporary. 
  • You must use your judgement on how you are feeling. 
  • Since healing energy is set with your own intentions, try not to block yourself from getting well! There are some people who are scared of what will happen if there IS no problem anymore. Healing therefore, is a total mind, body and soul experience, and does change the way you are-but once again, on your terms, and when you are ready to accept it.
  • You may be very thirsty, or very hungry-just go with the flow.

These are some of the most common feelings that one may experience during a healing session.

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*Curing cancer, and heavier diseases in the body, can happen- but it very much depends on what your soul purpose is and how your illness, for example, may actually help other people. Perhaps this is also something that you decided that you would have in your lifetime, in order to do the most good for others-or perhaps you have this, in order to teach yourself, that you can heal this, and therefore, you go on to teach others about this. 

Most importantly, you must always ask yourself:

“What have I learned from this happening to my body?” 

*If you can honestly answer this question, and believe in the power of your mind, and energy, to help heal the cells in your body, you can have healing from this. 

*Please do not stop any medications whatsoever. Healing energy, is a bonus to your life-over time, you may not need medications at all, but do not be silly about this. You know what is right for you at all times. Trust yourself wholeheartedly!

*All healing is not intended to replace your Doctor’s advice. 

*All Recordings given if any by SacredHealingGildao cannot be reproduced in any way whatsoever without express written permission. 

*All healing is self healing- you must decide what is right for you. 

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